Our story since 1972

Our story since 1972 - ITALIAN TEXTILE INDUSTRY

Texcar born in 1972, the founder started with four looms, now we have 80 loom between jacquard and dobby looms.

We got important results with the introduction of a warp yarn department, becoming independent from third parties and controlling the whole production by ourselves. During the 90's we started with the production of jacquard fabrics for luxury linen and carpet.





Now Texcar srl developed these departments textiles :



Technical fabrics as support for coating, coagulate and  thermo-adhesive

Fabrics for the bag industry

Fabrics for canvas paintings

Fabrics for home décor and stuffed furniture

Fabrics for home linen

Flame retardant fabrics

Upholstery fabrics

Jacquard fabrics

Chenile Carpets